Long journey essential route failure emergency maintenance method collection
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With the advent of the Spring Festival holiday, the difficult situation of one ticket has spread all over the country, and many owners have decided to drive home. Since it is a long journey, there must be some unexpected situations. Here we also provide you with some common solutions. 1, the emergency measures for the water leakage of the radiator pipe, when the radiator is broken in and out of the water hose, it can be wound with cloth, and the plastic cloth and cotton cloth with high strength can be folded together in the leakage place, and then the method of fine wire rope is used for first aid. If the inner core tube breaks down, the outer heat sink can be cut off, repaired with the tip iron or repaired by the nozzle method. When the damage is serious, the core tube can be crushed or welded, or the ends of both ends can be blocked. The number of blockage pipes should not exceed 5%. 2, the first aid measures for the damage of the fan belt, once the fan belt is damaged, it can be used "stitching", that is, at the distance disconnecting, the 1~2cm is drilling several small holes at each end, and the belt is sutured with the thin wire. 3. The first aid of the carburetor float breaking, the carburetor raised the oil surface in the float chamber because of the floater leakage. The mixture was too strong, causing the engine to run unstable, the muffler, the muffler gave out the unrhythmic sudden sound and smoked the black smoke. This is a common fault. Repair or replace float at normal time. In the course of driving, no float can be replaced, and no welding repair tools, the following measures can be taken: the float is removed, the buoy rupture place into hot water (water temperature 95 C ~100 C), the gas in the float will evaporate from the leak because of heat. The float is removed from hot water and cooled naturally in the air, and then repaired according to the following emergency measures. 3.1 after sealing the glue with the battery, apply it to the broken leaks. For the sake of reliability, it can be used outside the sealing asphalt, and then a small piece of plastic cloth is used. 3.2 use epoxy resin adhesive to repair cracks or break, and scrape flat, so as not to increase the weight of float. 3.3 use soap to clog the leaks, or apply the leachate to the leaks to seal it, and the rubber (or plastic cloth) can be ignited and then melted and then melted and sealed. 4, the first aid measures for the damage of the diaphragm of the gasoline pump. The rupture of the fuel pump diaphragm will cause insufficient fuel supply, and the car can not run well, and the engine will not easily increase the speed. The failure of oil can be caused by severe rupture. The first aid measure is to remove the gasoline pump, decompose the diaphragm group, replace the diaphragm to the middle layer, or separate the rupture at a certain angle and then install it again. If the damage is serious, we can use the rain cloth, plastic bag, synthetic leather and other impervious and impervious articles according to the prevailing conditions. When the diaphragm breaks into the crankcase with excessive gasoline, the oil should be replaced. If all the oil is replaced without the condition, a part of the oil in the crankcase should be released, and the spare oil on the car should be added. At the same time, attention should not be paid to driving at high speed so as to prevent the crankshaft (or connecting rod) bearing from burning due to poor lubrication. In the first aid of the diaphragm damage of gasoline pump, we should also pay attention to the fact that the gasoline pump of the domestically produced automobile engine is generally two dismantled, and the malfunction can be dismantled and overhauled. Some imported cars such as TOYOTA 2Y, 3Y and other engine gasoline pumps are not removable and can only be replaced after malfunctions. The older imported cars, such as TOYOTA 12R, 5R, K and other engines, can be dismantled. Imported automotive engine fuel pump diaphragm ruptured, domestic film can be modified to replace. During the assembly process, in order to ensure the tightness, the adhesive can be applied to the joint between the diaphragm and the splint, the pump body and the pump cover. 5. Capacitor first aid measure capacitor is used to enhance the protection of high voltage spark contacts. When the capacity of the capacitor is not good or the work is bad, it will weaken the high voltage electric spark, cause the engine power to decline, the fuel consumption increase, and even make the vehicle difficult to drive. Capacitor breakdown will cause low voltage circuit to tie up, resulting in engine failure. The application board gently knocks the bottom of the shell to increase the contact pressure in the interior of the shell and can continue to be used. If the capacitor is broken, the capacitor can be dismantled, and the aluminum foil or insulating wax paper can be found and cut off, and then wrapped around it again. 6. Emergency measures for regulators. Most of the charging systems of automobiles are electronic regulators. Its function is to automatically limit the maximum output voltage of the generator. Once the regulator is damaged, the failure of the regulator is not charged. In this way, the car will be directly powered by the battery, which is very bad for the safe driving of the driver. When unconditional replacement, the wires on the "F" and "+" terminals that can be removed from the regulator, connect a 8~13 ohm resistance between two wires or a 12V bulb for first aid, but can not be used for a long time to prevent the battery from overcharging. 7, the first aid measures of the fire head can cause a slight electric spark to cause a weak high pressure spark, a muffler without a rhythm, a "sudden" sound, even a gun and a black smoke, and the carburetor sometimes tempered. When the power leakage is serious, the engine will not start. For a slight leakage of fire, sandpaper or file can be used to pad the crevice in the creepage into a 1mm thick insulating tape and to flatten it. If there is a crack in the fire, it can be dissolved in the crack after leaching and then can be used after loading. When the fire head is seriously damaged, a rubber dustproof sleeve on the socket side of the distributor is used to tie a metal wire or piece of metal on its small end (the length is consistent with the length of the original fire head), and a rubber pad or plug insulating tape is applied to prevent leakage. Replace the big end of the dustproof sleeve on the distributor cam. 8, when the distributor contact or cam is seriously damaged, the trumpet relay can be replaced temporarily. This is the use of the opening and closing of the relay contacts instead of the opening and closing of the distributor contacts, as long as the wires in the original relay are removed first, and then the low-voltage circuit of the ignition system is connected with the wire drawing circuit of the relay. After the connection is completed, check the high pressure jump condition: switch on the ignition switch to the 1 gear, dial the central high voltage line to keep it away from the 5mm, and observe whether the fire is jumping. If there is no fire or broken fire, the air gap of relay contact should be adjusted, and the contact is checked for ablative or dirty. If the spark is weak, it should be checked whether the connection is reliable. It should be noted that this method will lead to the ignition angle of 25 ~30 degrees ahead of time, therefore, after loading, the distributor shell should be first set to the ignition delay in the direction of 25 degrees ~30 degrees, then start the engine, and then the ignition time to normal, then continue to drive. 9, other parts of the damage of the first aid measures 9.1 turn the horizontal pull rod is broken, the use of wood stick application and wire tie tight, using this method at both ends to tighten the control of the steering. 9.2 oil tank leakage can be covered with epoxy resin adhesive or soap, and a large stopper can also be blocked by a stopper. 9.3 if the instrument line or other local lines are grounded and discharged, it is difficult to exclude them. They can suspend the firing lines of these circuits and supply electricity to the ignition system only. 9.4 if the additional resistance of the point coil is damaged, the switch of the ignition coil and the switch power supply can be connected to ensure the engine work. 9.5 if the generator assembly is damaged and temporarily unable to repair, the generator connections can be removed and suspended, and only the battery is supplied to the ignition system. 9.6 if the valve spring is seriously broken, the adjusting screw of the valve tappet can be removed to keep the valve closed to maintain engine operation. 9.7 if the air leakage of the front brake hose, when the brake system is seriously affected, the control valve can be cut off through the air road of the forward brake chamber to ensure the normal work of the brake system.