Santana 2000 starts out after the blowout
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Troubleshooting and troubleshooting the vehicle repair task is to rush out for repair. After ignition, switch on the ignition switch is turned off, and the engine oil circuit is not supplied. Considering the oil pump that the car had just changed, and not enough testing equipment, the car was towed back to the repair shop for further inspection. After careful analysis of the fault phenomenon, it is very likely that the anti-theft system is locked. The car's anti-theft indicator lights flicker, indicating that the anti-theft system has entered the protection state. The code is adjusted by VAS5052. The fault code is 01176, that is, the key signal is too small to be recognized and the 17978 engine control module is disabled. The key to the ignition switch is not the original vehicle, but the vehicle owner's own key to open the door. Since the car is equipped with the second generation of anti-theft system, its key is equipped with chips, and ordinary keys can not start the car properly. After the failure of the code to start the car with the original key to start the car or can not start, continue to use VAS5052 to adjust the fault code, and the previous fault code, the suspect is the illegal key has been saved the system to eliminate the data, so the code is eliminated with the VAS5052 key matching (the original 4 bit code needs). After rematching the key, turn on the ignition switch and the fault will disappear. Summary of the car's failure is entirely caused by the owner himself, in the maintenance process often encountered similar things. Here I would like to remind us that there are people who have a car to read more about their own cars, and know more about the common knowledge of cars.