Cause and repair method of heavy steering of Audi car
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Audi 200 sedan steering heavy main reasons: 1, the steering system parts movement gap is too small, parts deformation, lack of lubrication, movement parts damage, stagnation lead to; 2, power steering system failure caused. During maintenance, we should first determine the approximate range of faults and further repair and remove them. The lifting machine is used to lift the vehicle first, so that the four wheel of the vehicle turns from the ground to the steering wheel. If the steering is flexible and light, the fault is in the driving system. It is necessary to check whether the tire pressure is too low, the four wheel positioning value is not accurate, and the steering bearing is too tight, etc. If it is still heavy, it can disconnect the connection between the steering machine and the suspension, and then turn the steering wheel. If the steering is flexible, the fault is in the steering gear, and the bending and deformation of the parts, such as the pull rod, the steering arm or the damper, should be checked. If the steering is still heavy, indicating that the fault is in the power steering system, it should be checked whether the oil level of the steering hydraulic oil is too low, the oil quality is bad, if the oil level is too low, check the leakage first, and then add the hydraulic oil to the standard height. If the deterioration of oil must be replaced, attention should be paid to removing the air in the power steering system, otherwise it will seriously affect the effect of the booster. The power steering system oil pressure gauge can be used to measure the oil pressure of the system to judge whether the steering pump is good or bad. If the steering is still heavy, it needs to be dismantled and checked to see if there is a lack of lubricating oil, corrosion, rack bending and other conditions, such as the necessary maintenance or replacement of components to exclude the failure.