Fawkes lock car has no double flash fault repair
  • Automotive

A friend called to say that there was no double flashing lights when Fawkes locked the car remotely. He changed a lot of things and didn't solve the problem. I think it should not be a big problem. I just went to know that he had changed the lid lock and tail box lock and the left rear door rocking machine. Ask him why he should change those things, say bad ones, and ask him how he knows it is bad. He can not say it himself. Suddenly he felt that he was misman (he had 3 Apprentice). The failure of the class was basically due to the 4 door and the tail switch problem, which gave the car body control module an open signal, causing no double flashing lights when the car was locked. (the signal of the lock lock does not participate) first from the simple start, open the key, turn on and close the 4 door in turn, on the display of the instrument have English hints, proving that the 4 door locks and lines are no problem. Then the tail door is opened, the lights in the tail box are lighted, and the closure is extinguished. It is also proved that there is no problem with the tail box lock and the line. Analysis of several conditions for the Fawkes lock car to light double flashes: all the doors must be closed (the tail door), the headlights must be closed, all the window glass must be closed, the skylight must be closed (the above closed state is not a substantial closure, but the body module is unacceptable. " According to the above conditions, all the above components are closed, the decoder is entered into the body module with the decoder and the data flow is read. It is found that the lock glass switch is in the open state, because the lid lock is not directly involved in the control, so the problem can only be on the glass lifting switch signal and then the decoder enters the left front door control. The module and the right front door control module, the left front door control module reports the fault of the sliding switch signal to the power supply short or circuit breakage, and the right front door is not, because the car controls the front and back doors for the left and right control boxes, so the fault reduces the left two door. At this time, the owner reflected that there was another problem for the car to be repaired. The left rear door glass could not be lifted or lowered. The problem surfaced and the door panel of the left rear door was removed. When the line was measured, it was found that there was no positive pole in the left back door.