Buick Lu Zun ABS system alarm
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Malfunction: a Shanghai GM Buick Lu, which was produced in 2007, assembled LZC engine. Users reflect that the brake ABS system lights up. Troubleshooting and Troubleshooting: the maintenance personnel carry out the trial run with customers after receiving the car. After the engine starts, the anti lock braking system alarm lamp is not lighted. When the shift handle is pushed into the D gear, the vehicle starts, the brake anti lock alarm lamp immediately lights the alarm, and the instrument information screen displays "SERVlCE ABS SYSTEM". Connect the fault diagnosis instrument, enter the brake system query, and save the trouble free code. Viewing the data flow, the wheel speed sensors of the four wheels can accurately reflect the speed and speed, and the signal is stable. From the user's point of view, this malfunction has been around for half a year. 4 wheel speed sensors have been replaced at other service stations, but the trouble remains. No fault code why brake anti lock system will call the alarm? There are several main possibilities: the internal fault of the central control unit of the braking anti lock system; the lines in the braking anti lock system have virtual connection; external electromagnetic interference. Check the spark plugs are all original factory spark plugs, remove the generator connector, the fault is still. Check that the connectors of the 4 wheel speed sensors are not loose and corroded, and the main connectors are all connected. Check the power cord and the tie line on the total connector, and occasionally find that the voltage is beating. By looking at the circuit diagram, it is learned that the brake ABS system of Lu Zun multi-functional commercial vehicle is fixed on the transmission housing by G115. Check the tie line. It is firmly secured. After the removal of the tie line, slight rust occurs. Grind the wire and reconnect with the fine sand paper. Trial run, anti lock braking system alarm lights no longer light up, the fault completely eliminated.