Abnormal maintenance of ABS lamp after the Honda accord
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The failure of the Honda accord in Guangzhou at the end of 1998, the engine is F23A1, with a variable valve system (VTEC), after 31 thousand kilometers, the ABS lamp is very bright. The ABS system of Guangzhou Honda accord is mainly composed of solenoid valve safety relay, oil pump relay, wheel speed sensor, hydraulic regulator (oil pump electromagnetic valve and sliding piston component), accumulator, pressure switch, ABS lamp and ABS computer. The vehicle is equipped with a fault self diagnosis system. The right side glove box is removed, and the blue 2 socket socket on the diagnostic seat is found. The ignition switch is pulled to ON position, and the ABS light flashing failure code is 10, indicating that the brake fluid electric pump is running continuously. But when the ABS lights are started, the pump does not turn. According to the working principle and circuit diagram analysis of ABS system, the cause of this failure code may be caused by insufficient pressure or unclosed pressure switch. No leakage, no oil in ABS tank. So find out the pressure switch line (yellow), and test it at the computer and hydraulic regulators. Ignition lock ON status, ABS lights, start the engine, ABS lights out. ABS pump operation, 10s after the ABS light, pump stop. At this time, the yellow line is attached to the iron, the ABS lamp is extinguished, the 5S is re welded, and the ABS pump stops, so that the 1min lamp is repeated and the ABS lamp is not lit. Use the multimeter to measure the iron wire on the pressure switch, disassemble the pressure switch cover on the hydraulic regulator, press the micro switch directly with the flat screwdriver, measure the two connection posts by the multimeter, change the micro switch on the same type ABS, install the test car, and extinguish the ABS lamp, and all are normal. The fault analysis is due to the damage of the micro switch on the pressure switch. After starting the engine, the ABS pump runs, and the high-pressure brake fluid is produced to the accumulator, the electromagnetic valve, the pressure switch and so on. Even if the pressure switch is boosted, the pressure switch can not be closed at this time. After the computer detects that the ABS pump is working for a certain time, the hydraulic pressure can not be raised to the specified pressure and misrecognized. For brake fluid pressure is insufficient, can not use the ABS system and turn off the ABS pump, stop the safety relay power supply, the ABS light is lit. Troubleshooting replacement of the same type ABS micro switch, ABS lights out, everything is normal.