The key to tire maintenance in summer: tires can be upgraded properly.
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With the advent of the hot summer, tyres have become the focus of attention. Because the tire is like a man's foot, every time the car runs, it will rub with the ground violently. Attention and maintenance are particularly important for the daily maintenance of the tire pressure. The most important summer road surface temperature is above 70 degrees centigrade, the car that runs in the hot summer for a long time, and the tire that has the damage or the weak place is easily caused by the tire pressure. Too high to cause a blowout or fast wear. Affected by the temperature, the gas in the tire will expand automatically, the tire pressure will rise from 2.3 kilograms to more than 3 kilograms. In order to ensure the tire pressure, it is suggested that the nitrogen is filled in summer and the filling pressure should be reduced by about 10%. It is recommended to check the tire pressure once a month. The time of inspection is best before the start of the car in the morning, because the tire will completely cool down after 4 hours of driving, and the pressure is most accurate at this time. If the tire pressure is high, let off some gas until the tire pressure is consistent with the standard pressure. Be careful not to overuse summer. When driving for a long time, you should run a section of the road and cool down the tyre in the shade. The speed of the car should be reduced properly when it is very hot in the midday. Pay attention to the bearing capacity of the tire. Do not overload it. This allows tire pressure to remain normal and not to be overused. The way to prevent overuse is to change the tire regularly on a regular basis after a certain period of time, so as to make the four wheels wear evenly. During the summer parking, the car should be stopped in a place where there is no sunshine for a long time. For long exposure to the sun, the tire rubber exposed to the sun will lead to the aging of the rubber surface of the tire, and the probability of the tire blowout also increases. In addition, parking should ensure that the four wheels are on the same level of ground. Otherwise, the tire at the lowest point will be subjected to excessive pressure, causing the deformation of the steel wire inside the tire, resulting in tire damage. The main car is to clean up the tires regularly to prevent the existence of foreign objects in the tread groove, and to remove the stone or foreign objects in the tread groove, so as to avoid the deformation of the tire crown. Check whether there is any cut or puncture on the side of the tire, and whether the cord is exposed. If necessary, replace it in time. If you find nails and other foreign objects into the tyres, do not panic and do not rush to pull them out. You should immediately turn to professional tire shops for help. Preventing blowout is especially important. Accidents caused by blowout in summer are high in highway accidents. The tyres are severely worn, the body is too thin, and the inside of the tire is constantly heated. It is easily punctured at this time, and the weather is overheated in the summer, so it is likely to have a tire. Besides, tyre burst is also related to several factors. The pressure of the fetus is insufficient. If the tire pressure is insufficient, the tire sidewall will be bent and broken. If inflated before the road, due to the wear and dust of the valve, the tire will leak and the tire pressure inside the tire will be too low. The pressure of the fetus is too high. It may cause bursting of defects in the tire, such as the site of previous injury, which is more common in hot summer weather or long time driving. The vehicle is overloaded. It is self-evident that the overload of vehicles is harmful to tires. In addition to trucks, cars should also prevent too many people and things from being packed into cars. Drive through sharp objects at high speed. It is also a common cause of the accident that the vehicle is running at high speed, and the tire is rubbing with sharp stones or other sharp objects on the road to cause air leakage and then the blowout. Finally, do not often speed, rapid braking and emergency steering, such as abnormal driving, which will cause the rapid deformation of the tire, easy to wear too fast, causing tire burst. The tire can be properly upgraded by the general manufacturer's tire service life between 80 thousand -10 million kilometers (or about 5 years), but the specific situation must be determined according to the driver's driving condition. Therefore, it is necessary to check the tire wear condition regularly. If the tire is too large, the tire should be replaced to ensure security. All driving. It is certainly good to use the tyres while changing the tyres, but upgrading properly may be able to achieve better results. There are about two upgrades. Quality upgrading: to maintain the specifications of the original auxiliary tires, but for higher tires to improve the quality of the tires, such as the more beautiful tread patterns, better drainage, smaller rolling noise, or stronger grip. Specification upgrade: within the permitted scope, upgrade the original vehicle tire specifications, that is, increase the tire specifications. The purpose of this approach is to enhance the grip of the plant, and, of course, make the whole vehicle after the tire look more beautiful and more powerful. In general, quality upgrading has been upgraded as well. It should be pointed out that the escalation of specifications will bring friction and fuel consumption, and the cost of buying tires will also increase. Therefore, before upgrading the tires of cars, we must seriously consider it. Fortunately, nowadays, the major brands have different grades of products, and there is a clear reference coefficient. We can find experts to make a recommendation before making the final decision.