Repair and maintenance: how to make the battery of the vehicle use longer?
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As a substitute tool, automobile has entered thousands of households, and becomes an indispensable means of transportation in people's life. With the continuous development of science and technology and the upgrading of modern life, various modern high-tech facilities on the car are constantly added, resulting in the continuous strengthening of automobile auxiliary power. Battery, as the main auxiliary power source of automobiles, is one of the essential parts of automobiles, and its tasks are also increasing. If we use and daily maintenance properly, the service life of the battery will be greatly extended, and on the other hand, it will cause its premature abandonment, increase the owner's use cost and cause environmental pollution. So how should we carry out routine maintenance of car batteries? What kind of driving habits should we develop to improve battery life? The following points are summed up: some drivers do not pay much attention to the function of the battery. It is thought that the battery is just used to start the engine, and even think that the engine can not use it completely after starting the engine, so it does not pay much attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the battery, because of this, the car is made in the course of operation. Unnecessary damage to some electronic components. What are the functions of the battery? It is mainly manifested in the following aspects: 1. When the engine starts, the battery is supplied to starter and ignition system (gasoline engine). 2. When the engine is running at low speed, the battery will be supplied to all electrical equipment and generator excitation winding. 3, when the engine is running at high speed, the battery will convert the remaining power of the generator into chemical energy to store it. 4. When the generator is overloaded, the battery assists the generator to supply power to the power supply equipment. 5, the battery is also equivalent to a large capacitor. It can absorb the instantaneous high voltage in the circuit and protect the electronic components. It also plays a very important role in maintaining the voltage stability of the automobile electrical system. This function can be guaranteed only when the battery is in good working condition, which is easy to be ignored. If we clearly and attach importance to these functions, it will not only improve the service life of the battery, but also make you more comfortable when using the car. The length of service life of automobile battery depends on the structure and quality of the battery on the one hand, on the other hand, it is closely related to the daily maintenance. So we should do the following points in the use of the battery. 1. Attention to the installation of the battery and the cleaning and maintenance, first of all, the installation of the battery in the car should be firm and reliable. The vibration caused by the running of the car causes the internal plate damage of the battery and the loose connection of the external wires. Secondly, the starting type battery can withstand a large current and short discharge, but the battery life will be reduced by a small current and long discharge. Therefore, the dust and mud on the battery, the oxide of the terminals and the oxide on the wire and the electrolyte overflow at the inlet should be often removed, so as to keep clean and dry and prevent the storage of the battery. The battery discharges itself. 2, pay attention to charging in time, when the battery voltage is insufficient and the lights are dim and start powerless, timely replenish charging outside the vehicle should be carried out. The storage capacity of the battery can be reflected on the dashboard. When the ammeter pointer indicates that the storage capacity is insufficient to discharge about 1/3, it must be charged in time, and over 2/3 of discharge power is over discharge. When discharge is charged, the current is relatively large, which is not conducive to the reduction of active substances. Sometimes there is not enough electricity in the way, and the engine can't start again. As a temporary measure, you can turn to other vehicles. The car runs in the cold area to avoid the battery completely discharging, so as to avoid the freezing of the electrolyte. 3, check the a regularly and check whether the battery shell has cracks and electrolyte leakage. B, check regularly whether the battery connecting line is solid, all the live joints must be kept in good contact to prevent sparks, and cause battery explosion. For example, often check whether the fixed bolt on the battery is tightened, often check whether the pole and the connection head are connected reliably; do not put the metal on the battery to prevent the short circuit; the sealing glue should be repaired in time. Check whether all parts of the circuit are aging or short circuited. C, regularly check battery electrolyte density and liquid level, check the discharge degree of battery, prevent early discharge due to over discharge. D, pay attention to keeping the battery charging line normal, when the battery is overused, the charging indicator does not necessarily show the correct charge or not. The following methods can be used: to keep the car idle at night, to turn on the headlights, to illuminate a fixed position, and to keep the eyes pegged to the center of the light. Look at it carefully, and then quickly refueling, to see whether the lights suddenly brightened and brightened, indicating that generators and charging lines are normal. E, car temporary parking attention to summer anti exposure, winter anti freezing. When a car is suspended for a long time, more than half an hour should be started in the engine for more than half a month. On the basis of daily maintenance, but also to develop good driving habits, specific as follows: 1, do not frequently start the vehicle starting every time the engine do not exceed 5S, if the first start of failure, do not rush to start repeatedly. From the point of view of the working principle of the automobile, the continuous starting motor will damage the battery. Therefore, the interval should be more than 15s when starting again. If you still don't have a car for 3 consecutive times, you should find out the cause and remove the fault. 2, in the state of flameout, do not use the electric equipment for a long time, which is often encountered in the daily use of the car, but also easy to ignore the problem. For example, sitting in the car and rest, and others, in order to save a lot of fuel drivers will choose to turn off the engine and sit in the car to listen to the radio or watch DVD and so on, so the fuel saving is achieved, but it will hurt your battery. The correct way to use it is to listen to the radio continuously in the flameout state as far as possible, not exceeding 30min. At the same time, we do not recommend that we use vehicle DVD and other equipment in the condition of extinction. 3. The use of external power equipment, such as car vacuum cleaner and portable inflatable pump, should not be used or rarely used in the state of flameout, and should not be used in the state of the extinguishing of vehicles. As the power of these devices is relatively large, it is easy to consume a large amount of battery power in a long time in the state of flameout, thus affecting the normal starting of the vehicle. In addition, such "quick power consumption" has little harm to the battery itself. 4, when you turn off the lights and turn off the lights when you stop the car, you forget to turn off the lights. This is a small mistake that many new owners make. After a night's battery consumption, the battery may run out of power at any time and can't start the car. Try not to use CD, cigar lighter and other electrical equipment when the vehicle is not started. In the course of driving, all kinds of vehicle electric appliances are also used less. 5, before extinguishing the air conditioning, most owners should turn off the air conditioner or let the air conditioner start automatically after the starting of the vehicle. This will cause the air conditioning system to start automatically after each opening of the vehicle's ignition switch. The consequence is that the power load of the vehicle is too high and the time will be caused by a long time. It must be lost. The correct habit should be, before reaching the destination, turn off the A/C button first, let the cold wind blow for a few minutes, in order to ensure the drying of the air conditioning system and reduce the growth of bacteria. Then turn off the air conditioner before putting out the fire. Every time after the car, the air conditioning. 6. It can be known that the precursory driver of the battery "strike" can make a correct judgment on the battery performance of its own vehicle. The driver can feel and prejudge in the driver's driving, for example, the car is stopped for a few days, for example, the fuel consumption is increased and the air conditioning is opened in the summer. When driving, the load of vehicles is heavier, and the vehicle sinking and fuel consumption increase obviously. General car owners in the battery life cycle of about two and a half years, routine maintenance should detect batteries, which can play a preventive role. In short, the service life of general automotive batteries is about 2 years. If they are properly maintained, they can last up to 3-4 years. On the basis of understanding its function, we can carry on the correct daily maintenance, and develop a good driving habit. We can protect the battery carefully so as to ensure that the battery will not drop the chain when the battery is critical.