Vehicle Wax Waxing four common misunderstandings circle coating wax method is not desirable
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Nowadays, more and more people have cars in this society, and the owners generally cherish their cars, so they must keep their cars bright. Also because waxing can make the vehicles more bright and good-looking, so many owners will be more frequent to wax the car to do maintenance. Many owners have misunderstood the problem of waxing cars. Below to see several misunderstandings of wax: First: choose a kind of car wax: now the car's maintenance is complex and complex, and the car wax is the same, the car wax has a solid liquid, according to the quality of your car to choose the suitable nature of the car wax, otherwise the effect is counterproductive. Second: the more expensive car wax, the better, this is also a misunderstanding, various kinds of car wax performance is different, its effect and effect is not the same, in the selection must be careful, improper choice will make the car paint discoloration. Generally speaking, it should be considered comprehensively according to the characteristics of vehicle wax, the new and old degree of vehicle, the color of vehicle paint and the driving environment. The new car should be painted with light wax to protect the luster and color of the car body. In summer, it is suitable to use anti - ultraviolet car wax and use the tree cheese wax with prominent protection when driving environment is poor. Ordinary vehicles use ordinary pearl or metal paint series car wax, high-grade cars should choose high-grade car wax, otherwise the car body will be damaged. (new car is best not to waxed at random) Third: too frequent waxing, we must master the frequency of waxing. Because the environment and parking place of vehicles are different, the time interval of waxing should also be different. Usually there are garage parking, many vehicles on good roads, once every 3-4 months to wax. In the open air vehicles, it is best to wax once every 2 to 3 months because of the wind and rain. This can be judged by touching the body. If the body is rough or slippery, it needs to be maintained. Fourth: do not waxed in a casual way, wipe it in a straight line, do not use a circle. Before washing, it is best to wash the dirt and dust on the body surface with car wash water. Do not blindly use detergent and soapy water, as the content of sodium chloride contains the body lacquer layer, wax film and rubber parts, so that the car paint loses luster, rubber parts aging. If there is no special car wash water, wash the vehicle with clean water and dry the car body before waxing. After waxing the car, there will be some wax in the gap of the car lights, license plates, doors and suitcases, so that the body looks very unattractive. If the wax scale in these places is not cleaned in time, it may also cause rust. Therefore, after finishing the wax, we must thoroughly remove the wax scale so as to get the perfect waxing effect.