When hot summer comes, be careful of cars and sub healthy owners.
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This summer, our car has been tested unprecedentedly. Not only by the frying of the heaviest sunshine in summer, but also by the small scale flooding caused by rain. The road overhaul will inevitably increase traffic pressure, a number of comprehensive factors such as the travel trouble caused by the single and double limits have made many owners decide, this summer let the love car come to the summer vacation. After working, people need a rest time to adjust. And our love car is the same, also need to combine work and rest, can "prolong life". However, how can we make our car really rest in the holiday. Long time idle vehicles need to pay attention to the car clean for a long time do not use the car, the first of all, we should pay attention to the clean state of the vehicle. Do not place any food or drink in the compartment. The mildew of food will cause air pollution inside the carriage, and the smell will even attract rats, which will easily cause the wires to bite and bite. The parking place is preferably the indoor parking lot. If the vehicle parked in the open parking lot should pay attention to wearing the appropriate car clothing, it is excellent and multi-layered. Reduce the impact of sunlight on the surface of the paint. Improper clothing will cause unnecessary friction to the lacquer surface when the wind is blowing. Long time idle vehicles need to pay attention to the maintenance of battery owners when the vehicle is used again after a long time idle, it will be found that the vehicle can not be started. This is because the battery has no electricity. The average life span of the battery is about 2 years. When you drive, you can also charge it. Therefore, for a long time without driving, the battery will not be used for a long time. It will discharge itself slowly until it is scrapped. Therefore, when the vehicle is idle, the battery should be checked regularly. In general, the electrolyte level of the battery must be higher than the plate 10-15mm. When the battery is insufficient, the distilled water should be added in time. The battery should be kept sufficient and the battery should be charged when necessary. A car should be started at a certain time to recharge the battery. Another way is to pull down the two electrodes on the battery. It is necessary to draw down both positive and negative electrode lines from the electrode column, to remove the negative electrode line, or to unload the connection between the negative pole and the chassis of the car. Then remove the other end with positive sign, the battery has a certain service life, to a certain period of time to replace. The same order should be followed when replacing, but when the electrode line is connected, the order is exactly the opposite. The positive electrode is then connected to the negative electrode. For a long time, idle vehicles need to pay attention to the maintenance of tires. During the running of cars, a certain extrusion is created between the wheels and rubber, which creates a certain degree of tightness. After the car is idle, the tire will remain stationary for a long time, which will cause the deformation of the tire, so it will lose its breath. When you need to use it, you will find that the tire is flat. So when you are on the road again, you should check the condition of the tire and avoid accidents. Summary: during the idle period, the maintenance of the car is actually very simple, about once a week, the mileage is about 20 kilometers, so that the lubricating oil is fully heated to protect the mechanical parts. If you are traveling or traveling, you can ask your friends for help and start the engine once a week to check whether the engine is running abnormal. When the car is not used, oil, brake oil, antifreeze, electrolyte are easy to oxidize and deteriorate, so we should pay more attention to these oil, often check the battery. Only in this way can we really let the car have a real summer vacation.