Paramera 4S suddenly showed the wiper damage during the driving process.
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The 2010 paramela 4S cars with a mileage of about 43 thousand km. Customer response: the vehicle suddenly shows the wiper damage during driving. Fault diagnosis: (1) the instrument has the "wiper damage" prompt information, operates the wiper, works normally. (2) re power off, re PDI, the failure is still. A fault is detected in the "front end electronic device" by the diagnostic instrument. The code is: C13101: LIN signal failure at the wiper, as shown in Figure 1. Read the actual value to find that the rainfall signal is wrong. The suspicion is that the rain sensor signal is wrong, causing the vehicle to replace the rain sensor with the same configuration, and the fault remains the same. (3) check the line of the wiper control unit before it is abnormal. It is doubted that the fault is in the front of the front wiper control unit, and the same vehicle is disappearing after the replacement of the front wiper control unit (the control unit of the fault is installed on the replacement vehicle, and the information of the "wiper damage" will be displayed in the information bar of the instrument). Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting after replacing wiper control unit.