Four major maintenance taboos of automobile
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Nowadays, many people buy cars as walking tools, but people who really know how to keep them are few and far between. Many car owners are very serious about doing their own car maintenance. In fact, this is because a lot of car owners ignore the car maintenance taboos, will help you, the next four car maintenance and maintenance taboos for everyone to refer to. Avoid mechanical damage many people in maintenance of the car, always just work in the hands of the work, but ignore the surrounding people, or in careless circumstances lead to their own injury, so the maintenance operation, should set clear operation signs, in order to prevent other people from misoperation and hurt. Some of the following cases need to be paid more attention to: when working under the hood, others should leave the cab to prevent the sudden rotation of the engine or the operation of the manipulating mechanism of others. If you need to work under the car, you should set up a clear sign and cover the car with a truck. When Jack is used to lift a car, the jack must be placed smoothly. When installing the assembly, do not use your hands to test holes, keyholes, and so on, so as not to break your fingers. When the engine is tested, it must not be under the car. Avoid fire in maintenance of the car, often need to use oil, detergent and other flammable, explosive articles, at this time do not forget the fire protection measures, a good fire extinguisher, in case of fire. Special attention should be paid to the inflammable and explosive things near the fuel tanks and batteries. Do not smoke so as to avoid explosions. It is necessary to check whether the fire extinguisher on the car is overdue, and once the expiration is found, the new fire extinguisher will be replaced immediately so as to extinguish the fire at the first time, control the fire and reduce the loss in the case of fire. Avoid scald just flameout engine, because the components of the engine (water tank, exhaust pipe, power steering liquid box and spark plug, etc.) temperature is relatively high, must be careful contact, in order to prevent scald. If the engine temperature is high, do not take off the water tank cover or release the water drain switch to prevent scalding. Avoid the rotation of the machine and the car road test protection in the engine operation, pay attention to the hand, clothing and tools must leave the rotating fan and fan drive belt (the best to take off the worn rings, watches and ties and other items), so that these items are involved. During the trial run, all parts of the car should be able to ensure safe shutdown and effective steering. In addition, it is important to note that the road test vehicle must have a marked driving sign. During the trial run, the personnel must take safety and carry out on the special test track to ensure safety. In addition to the four points mentioned above, we should also pay attention to the need to avoid injuries caused by the use of liquids when repairing automobiles. For example, brake fluid can damage the paint film of cars, including the paint film of leather shoes. It can quickly dissolve the paint film, so it needs to be careful when used. In addition, the brake fluid is harmful to the eyes. If splashed into the eyes, it must be rinsed immediately with clean water.