When Ford Mondeo stepped on the brake pedal, there was a loud noise at the shift lever.
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A 2004 km 2.0L car with mileage of 190 thousand mileage and automatic transmission. When the vehicle pedals down the brake pedal, the gear lever has abnormal sound. Fault diagnosis: when stepping down the brake pedal, there is a "Da Da Da" sound, the sound is transmitted from the transmission pole, dismantling the panel and finding the sound from the interlocked solenoid valve. It is normal to check the power supply and the grounding circuit of the interlocking solenoid valve. It is judged that the solenoid valve of the vehicle interlocking is self malfunction. Because the manufacturer did not provide a single parking interlock solenoid valve, the shift lever assembly was replaced and the failure disappeared after replacement. The parking interlock solenoid valve is used to prevent the danger of not staging on the brake pedal.