Inspection method of automobile brake system
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Brake failure means that when the brake pedal is tread, the wheel brake loses the braking effect or the braking power, which causes the car to lose the braking function. In addition, during the process of braking operation, the brake pedal operation is difficult and time-consuming, which will result in the decrease of braking efficiency and the increase of braking distance. . Taking the vehicle of the pneumatic brake system as an example, the main reasons for the failure of the brake are as follows: one is the failure of the air compressor and the failure to operate normally; two is the failure of the air compression system pipeline, such as the rupture of the air supply pipe, the fastness of the joint and so on; the three is the rupture of the brake membrane; and the four is the brake pedal freedom. Excessive travel; five is abnormal brake arm worm, brake chamber push rod extended too long; finally, the distance between brake drum and friction disc is not reasonable. Diagnosis and maintenance measures are: check the brake barometer, if the brake barometer is shown to be 0, but in the process of stampede brake board can hear the sound of gas, it can determine the probability of the brake system itself is low, and the barometer is obviously abnormal, so the barometer will be replaced directly to verify the fault; if it is trampling When the brake board is not heard, it is basically a fault of the air compression system, causing no pressure or pressure. It can be repaired from the air compressor's trachea or belt. If the air compressor is not found abnormal after the end of the maintenance, the air pressure indicator is 0. Check the exhaust valve and cylinder. Generally speaking, brake slip can be divided into 2 kinds of fault phenomena, one is brake deviation, the other is brake sideslip, the relationship between the two is interrelated and is different from each other. They all belong to the cause of brake slip. The first is that the braking time on both sides of the car wheel brake has a bad time. Different; second is the difference in the air pressure between the two sides of the tire; third is the difference in the wear degree of the two tires; the fourth is the bad parallel degree between the front axle and the rear axle of the car, and the fifth is the groove of the brake drum or the damage of the friction plate. The countermeasures are as follows: first of all, we should check the wheel of the car and find the wheel of the brake fault. If there is a right deviation in the general automobile brake, the brake fault exists in the left wheel, and the other is the right wheel failure. If there are no problems in the brake system of the car after testing, the tire pressure and the braking distance should be tested. If they are in normal condition, then check the brake wheel cylinder and see if there is air or other impurities in the cylinder. If the actual conditions permit, the brake can be dismantled. Thus more thorough and detailed examination.