How to do the bad heat of the engine
  • Automotive

Engine overheating is very dangerous. Bad luck may damage the engine. Emergency measures must be taken if the pointer of the water temperature meter enters the red area when it runs at high speed on the freeway or in a car climbing. The engine is overheated on the ordinary road. It should reduce the speed of the car as soon as possible, drive the car to the shade of the tree, or drive to a relatively cool place and stop the car. Open the engine hood, let the engine idle and wait for the engine temperature to return to normal. After the engine water temperature returned to normal, the engine was turned off. Then wait for a while until the engine's water temperature is fully lowered, then check the cooling water of the engine. At this time, most of the cooling water of the engine is insufficient. After the cooling water is filled up, check the cooling system again. After confirming that there are no other faults, you can start the engine and continue to drive. The engine overheated on the freeway, and all the warm air must be opened and opened at once, when the car would be as hot as hell. Because the warm air helps to cool the cooling water, it can make the cooling water temperature drop greatly. This keeps driving, finding the exit of the highway nearby, and driving the car to a safe place to stop. Next, just follow the above method to reduce the temperature of the engine. Attention, it is best not to park the car on the roadside, so as not to affect traffic or be hit by a car, and must be parked in a safe place.