What are the reasons for the jitter of the car body?
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Slight jitter is a common problem for many car owners. If the owner is starting a vehicle or stopping the engine without turning off the engine, if the body is found to shake slightly, it may mean that there are three conditions in the vehicle: if there is a slight jitter or offset in the car, it is generally a tire - caused failure. First of all, it may be a poor balance. It is necessary for the owner to make a four wheel alignment and dynamic balance as soon as possible. If the vehicle does not deviate, the tire dynamic balance can be done. Another condition is more serious, probably due to the deformation of the steel ring, which requires the owner to check the professional repair shop. This situation usually occurs in vehicles with long service life. In general, a tire balance should be made when new tyres and new steel rings are replaced. Otherwise, the steering wheel will easily shake when the weight is uneven. Body jitter has an impact on driving comfort and handling judgment. The third case is due to the unbalanced deformation of the transmission shaft, which usually occurs when the chassis has collided with the vehicle. If the body jitter exists at the start, this fault is for the vehicle of the equipment manual transmission, which shows that the vehicle jitter in the process of lifting the clutch pedal slowly from the start of the rest. This is due to the irregular wear of the clutch three parts (flywheel, clutch plate, press plate), which causes one or several parts to be caused by a partial pendulum. In the process of engagement, the clutch disc can not be joined smoothly, but a little joint and a little loosening, so that the engine power has just started to transfer, and the car skidded suddenly. The performance of the car is similar to the feeling of jumping and jumping. Replace the spoiler in the three piece clutch.