Toyoda Kamimizu navigation shows deviation from actual position.
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In 2011, TOYOTA motor Camry car, which has a mileage of about 94 thousand km, shows that the vehicle's navigation display position is deviating from its actual position. Fault diagnosis: the vehicle has been repaired to the maintenance station 2 times before and after the fault, and the maintenance technicians carry out the navigation correction, but the position of the navigation display will deviate from the actual position after a certain distance of the vehicle. After receiving the car, the author first verifies the fault phenomenon, and makes a trial judgment on the normal state of the navigation system. The current position of the vehicle is on the wrong road, and the fault is confirmed. Check the appearance of the vehicle's Navigator, good, no trace of dismantling; connect to the fault detector, enter the "nody/navigation system/DTC", no fault code output; start the diagnosis mode, hold the "INFO" switch, and operate the light control switch OFF, TAIL, DOFF, TAIL, OFF to OFF, into "SERVICE MENU" "(service menu), then press" FAILUREDIAGNOSIS "(fault diagnosis option), again press the" systemcheck "on the fault diagnosis screen (system check switch), display the" systemcheckmode "(system detection mode) screen, check the fault code (DTC), AV N display" OK "; enter" SERVICE MENU ". "(service menu)" function check/setting "(function check / set), select" GPS&vehiclesensors "(GPS and vehicle sensor), display the GPSINFORMATION screen, find that the GPS signal" P "is only 3, and the GPS number" T "for positioning is also 3, and other normal vehicles. In the use of the GPS signal "P" should be more than 7. According to this, the car's GPS signal is obviously biased, which causes the navigation to not be updated after a continuous turn or road crossing. What is the impact of the GPS signal? Since the navigation can receive 3 GPS signals, the navigation antenna is normal; in the course of the vehicle, the navigable compass can indicate the direction and can switch the geographical position in real time, only some deviations, indicating that the navigator itself is normal. So are other electronic devices interfering with navigation signals? After careful examination of the car, the car did not install any other electronic devices, but it had recently re installed the explosion-proof sunscreen on the whole vehicle. The doubt is that the explosion-proof solar film also shields the GPS signal while blocking the ultraviolet radiation. Troubleshooting: the anti explosion solar film above the air vent (GPS navigation antenna part) of the instrument table front windwindow (GPS navigation antenna part) is cut off a test car after 300 mm x 50 mm, and it is found that the GPS signal is obviously enhanced and 7 of the GPS signal "P" is used. There is no deviation between the displayed current position and the actual position of the vehicle, and troubleshooting.