The back wheel of Nissan sedan
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Nissan sedan, which runs about 28 thousand KM. When the vehicle is running rough road, the rear wheel of the vehicle is clatter. The smooth road runs smoothly. Fault diagnosis: 1) first road test, it is found that the vehicle will be able to hear the "clatter" sound as long as the vehicle is moving. It is clearly clear and clear. There are two iron sheets knocking at the rear suspension. The initial diagnosis is that the rear suspension muffler thermal insulation plate is loose. 2) when the vehicle is lifted, the heat insulation cover is slightly loosened, and the insulation board is reinstalled for the sake of insurance, and the rear suspension screw is retightened again. Road test, the failure phenomenon is still. 3) the voice is clearly transmitted from the rear suspension, but the rear suspension clearly does not matter. When the vehicle is lifted again, the rear suspension system is carefully checked, and there is no exception. Considering that the noise is due to the bodywork, the failure is restored on the lift. The odd steed is a multi - link independent rear suspension with a lateral stabilizer. It is more complex. A rubber hammer is used to knock on each component. Finally, the problem is found on the lower arm of the right rear wheel. Originally, a big thumb stone was hidden in the lower limb arm, while the lower limb arm structure was special, and the stone could not go in and out. Take out the stone, the road test, no abnormal. Maintenance summary: must be careful and careful during the inspection of the vehicle, especially when checking the noise, do not ignore every place that may cause problems.