Volkswagen New Bora fault wheel bearing damage causes abnormal sound.
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The 2009 Volkswagen New Bora car with mileage of about 103 thousand km. When the car turns to the right, the steering wheel is thrown back, and the noise is heard from outside the front part of the car, which occurs frequently in the morning. Fault diagnosis: according to the fault phenomenon, when analyzing the output torque of the left axle, the torque of the wheel bearing clearance is abnormal. When the vehicle is stationary or straight in line, the bearing capacity of the wheel axle is relatively simple. Turning right to the maximum steering angle and turning to the main pin, the wheel bearing is not only subjected to the original force, but also by the steering force, such as the bearing outer ring and the bearing shell has the gap tolerance zone, thus giving out the abnormal sound. Replace left wheel bearing and bearing housing, troubleshooting.