What is the difference between the shitter and the shakes?
  • Automotive

What is the failure of the wiper? When it rained last month, I found a little trembling. I didn't care. It shook again when it opened the rain today, and the windshield had a sudden drop in contact with the windshield, and the "kakkha" was ringing. According to this situation, there is a possibility that the position of the swinging arm and the rocker shaft of the wiper is not fixed or fixed, which leads to the contact of the windshield wiper under the windshield, thus giving out the abnormal sound. This can solve the problem by adjusting the position of the swing arm. It may also be that the swing arm is not completely parallel to the windshield. First, remove the wiper, and then paste the wiper bracket on the glass to check whether the wiper bracket is completely parallel to the glass. If it is not flat, you can adjust it with a tangle or cutting pliers until parallel, and then the wiper can be installed at the end. You can also try to adjust the swinging arm of the wiper. Because the windshield wiper arm is not parallel with windshield, resulting in abnormal sound. You can use the screwdriver or other tools to pry the wiper arm, adjust the windshield wiper arm and the windshield completely contact, the abnormal sound can be eliminated.