Four small lights are not bright before and after the Nissan's new sounds of nature
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Nissan New 2.5 car with a mileage of about 39 thousand km. Before and after the car four small lights are not bright, a small light insurance will be broken. Fault diagnosis: after the car, first confirm the fault phenomenon, open the light switch, four small lights are not bright, the IPDM e/R fuse (marked with TAIL LAMP) pull down, found that has been burned, the use of multimeter current file no small light circuit current is 18.5A (with a small light fuse 10A), obviously too large, normal should 1A or so, said normal, 1A or so, said normal, 1A or so, said normal, 1A or so, said normal should be 1A and so, about 1A, said There is an iron lap phenomenon in the bright loop. In order to better repair the circuit, first look up the circuit diagram, through the view of the circuit diagram, found a total of 2 small light fuse, one for the 52 fuse (marked with CLEARANGE LAMP), control two front lights and the light motor, the other is 53 fuse, from the IPDM terminal 7, enter the fuse box J/B terminal 9F, in the protection of 9F, in the protection of the terminal 9F, in the guarantee The fuse box is divided into two parts, which are extracted from terminals 4G and 8B respectively, wherein the wires drawn from 4G lead to two rear lights and license plates.