What should I do? Full analysis of automobile glass repair
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In the daily driving, our car will inevitably encounter, such as small stones such as small stone flying to the vehicle, after the car body sunken, or glass damage is annoying things. In order to ensure safe driving, many owners will choose to replace the damaged glass. However, the high replacement cost of less than one thousand yuan and more than 10000 yuan is indeed a headache. Today, glass repair as a new solution provides you with choices. How does it work? Can it replace the replacement glass? Today we will experience together, and the answer will be announced. What is glass repair? Glass repair can be simply understood as: after the glass is hit by a hard object, the glass is repaired by filling the resin into a concave and rift. It is similar to the present form of resin filling. • the application scope of glass patching on automobiles? At present, glass used in automobiles is usually laminated glass and tempered glass. The laminated glass is two layers of glass, and a layer of film is attached to the middle to ensure that the body is not completely cracked, falling and collapsing after the object is damaged, so as to ensure the safety of the personnel. Tempered glass will quickly spread to numerous small particles and even fall off after damage, so it can not be repaired. Therefore, glass repair is mainly applied to the repair of automotive windscreen (laminated glass). What kind of damage applies to glass repair? In general, the damage of glass comes from the impact of small stones at high speed. After the impact, the position of the small stone contact with the glass will cause the glass to form a small concave block, and the eyes generally appear to be a small round point, and there will be a fissure around it. At this point, it is necessary to take corresponding measures as soon as possible to prevent the expansion of cracks from bringing danger. If the damaged circular point is within 4cm or only one of the cracks, and no more than 15cm can be repaired, the best choice is to replace the whole glass. Of course, if we can repair it, we need professional glass repair master to judge according to the actual situation. How to choose glass for repairing and replacing glass? To judge whether the glass can be repaired before the windshield of the car is damaged, the owners tend to change the glass or repair it in the face of not too big a dent. First of all, car owners need professional glass repair masters to see if the glass damage is serious, and whether they can be repaired through repair. If not, please replace the glass honestly. If you can repair it, please continue to look down. We will analyze it in several cases. 1. front windshield glass sticker, have the purchase of the corresponding insurance (according to the membrane membrane charge, to judge whether it is suitable) if the owner is this case, it needs to be estimated according to the cost of the membrane of the front windshield. Because even if the insurance company will bear the cost of replacing the front windshield, it will not compensate the cost of the film, so the owner needs to judge for himself. If the price of the membrane is not high, it can be reported that the glass is replaced by insurance. If the value of the membrane is high, glass repair can be considered. It is important to note that in most cases, either the 4S shop or the repair plant can not meet the original level of the factory, and the air tightness is more or less deficient. 2. front windshield glass sticker, without the purchase of the corresponding insurance (suitable for glass repair) in general, the front windshield glass price is higher than the sticker, and no insurance can not be reimbursed the corresponding amount, replacement glass needs not only to pay the cost of replacement, but also the cost of the loss of film. In this case, it is relatively easy to choose glass repair as a way to minimize losses. 3. before the windshield glass, the purchase of the corresponding insurance (not suitable for glass repair) if the maintenance is in the 4S store, the choice of glass replacement is the most appropriate way. Professional 4S stores have certain safeguards in technology, and in the future, if there are problems, there are corresponding rules and regulations to deal with them, making people feel more comfortable. 4. front windshield is not film and no insurance is purchased (suitable for glass repair). Glass repair is the most appropriate option. Its lower repair cost can also achieve the purpose of repair, so long as we can find a qualified repair shop, why not? How long does it take to repair the glass? What are the points for attention? An experienced teacher will take about 30-40 minutes to complete the construction process. Do not wash the car before it is repaired, so as to prevent water droplets from sticking to the concave. And in the 2 days after the completion of the entire repair process, do not use a high-pressure water gun to wash the car, but the rain rain and the cleaning glass wiper water is no problem. What is the whole process of glass repair? Preparatory work is first to make preparations to ensure that the glass that needs to be repaired is kept in a dry condition, no water remains in the concave and fissures, and the towels are laid on the vehicle to prevent the scraping of the lacquer in the construction. At the end of the preparation work, the master will use cotton and drill to clean up the impurities in the concave block, and blow out all the impurities with gas blowing, so as to ensure a clean state in the concave block. So far, all this series of work is preparing for the final injection of resin. The cleaning work seems very simple, but can not tolerate a bit careless, any residual impurities will lead to the final repair effect is greatly reduced. Disclaimer: all works that indicate the source of this web site are legally owned or copyrighted by the website. Welcome to reprint and indicate the source. Non network works are all from the Internet. The purpose of retransmission is to convey more information. 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