Chevrolet cold car direction, engine failure
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Model: new field. Driving mileage: 13859km. VIN:LSGVA54R9AY * * * * * *. Fault phenomenon: when the cold car hits the direction, it will go to a certain position to bang, and the engine will disappear after five or six minutes. Fault diagnosis: check the lift of the vehicle, do not find the ball head of the steering wheel or the lower arm loose, beat the vehicle to and fro in the direction, listen carefully with the stethoscope, feel with the stethoscope and feel the right vibration damper on the right side. The noise still exists; again, it is found that the sound is not issued by the steering column, and the foot is sent up from the steering machine. The check finds that the steering gear is rigid connected by the bolt, and the right is fixed by a rubber bushing and hoop, for touch discovery that the noise is made from the rubber sleeve. The rubber package is exactly the directional cylinder, which is 5 to 6min after the cold car starts. The temperature of the power steering oil rises rapidly, the rubber sleeve expands and the film disappears. Troubleshooting: after the lubricating steering gear is fixed with the rubber sleeve, the abnormal sound will disappear.