Honda's platinum engine is difficult to start and is unable to accelerate.
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The 2012 Dongfeng Honda Honda km car with a mileage of about 46 thousand km. User response: the engine is difficult to start and is unable to accelerate. Fault diagnosis: after receiving the vehicle, the vehicle starts up, and there is really a trouble phenomenon that the engine starts difficult. The road test accelerated and powerless. After returning to store, HDS is used to detect the vehicle without fault code. Using multimeter to detect battery voltage, normal. Inquiries and maintenance records are made according to standards, and after full vehicle maintenance, they run less than 10 and 000km. Observe the EGR valve, normal. Test fuel pressure, slightly lower. The fuel filter element was removed and found to be very dirty, with large impurities attached to the fuel filter network. Through communication, the owner of the car was added to the bottom of his petrol station. With the consent of the owner, extract the fuel from the vehicle, replace the new fuel filter element and add the new oil. The trial run starts smoothly and accelerates effectively and troubleshooting. Maintenance summary: because of poor fuel quality, the fuel filter is dirty, and the oil supply is not smooth, so it is difficult to start up and is unable to accelerate. At the same time, when the accelerator pedal is faster, the vehicle computer will control more fuel injection, the speed will increase, and the oil supply is not smooth, the fuel injection will be reduced instantaneously, the speed of car is reduced, and the phenomenon of car setback appears.