What are the reasons for a car running off?
  • Automotive

Answer: in automobile design, front wheel alignment includes four aspects: kingpin inclination, kingpin backward tilt, wheel camber and front wheel toe in. Deviation in these four aspects will lead to deviation. Therefore, it is suggested that we should find a four round positioning to solve the problem of driving deviation. No conditions for the four round of positioning, the first step to check the tire pressure, the front and rear wheel air pressure is inconsistent, should be inflated according to standard, keep the tire pressure on both sides of the same. If the pressure is normal, try to swap the front two tires. For example, turning left to the left, changing to the right deviation, that can be diagnosed immediately on the tire or wheel copper body. Check wheel tire pressure and surface wear is abnormal, check wheel rim deformation. If the left side deviates to the left, the tire or wheel will be eliminated. You can adjust the front beam and check the wheelbase of the front and rear axle with the ruler to test the car again. Still running, can shake the steering wheel quickly when the vehicle falls to the ground, or when the frame starts to shake the tire, see whether the steering and the front and rear suspension systems have loose and open deformation.