The abnormal chassis of Dongfeng Nissan Teana car chassis
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A Nissan Teana car with a mileage of about 19 thousand km. The right front wheel has obvious abnormal noise when the car is over the rolling road. Fault diagnosis: 1) after the test, it was found that the noise really existed. Then we checked the chassis of the vehicle, and found that the right front rod and connecting rod had the loose open after the wear and the replacement of the stable rod and connecting rod, and the failure was still. Related information: in 2013 Dongfeng Nissan new natural sound factory maintenance manual 2) check the chassis again, the front bracket bushing and the triangle arm total Chengdu have no problem. We have carried on the torque check to all the chassis bolts. We have not found the abnormal phenomenon. Now we can only doubt that the shock absorber is out of problem, dismantling the shock absorber and finding out. There was no obvious exception to the performance of the shock absorber. After loading the shock absorber, we checked the engine mount again, and there was no anomaly, so we could only try again. 3) when this test was done, it was found that the left front wheel was too undulating on the right to produce the same abnormal sound, so the question may still go out on the stabilizer bar, because the stable rod on the right had been replaced, and we checked the left front rod and connecting rod again, and still did not find a problem. It was really no way, we put the right on the right. The stable rod and connecting rod were removed and the stable rod was removed. The stable rod was checked again, and the stable rod was moved again in the state without the stable rod and connecting rod. It was found that the stable rod bush had a little gap between the stable rod and the stable rod, and the stable rod bushing was dismantled, and the liner had been seriously worn out. The gap between the stabilizer bushing and the stabilizer bar has been generated in natural state when the gap between 2mm has been generated. 4) it is now determined that the stabilizer bushing has arrived at the replacement standard, and the replacement of the stabilizer bushing with the Yuanbao beam is dismantled. Maintenance summary: 1. rubber parts and metal parts with large gap, due to abnormal friction torque will produce abnormal sound. 2. in the process of diagnosis, we can not blindly check according to the customer's description, and a certain fault thinking can take fewer detours. 3. in the diagnosis process, we should carefully use troubleshooting to find fault points.