Troubleshooting of idling idle speed of Honda accord
  • Automotive

Failure phenomenon: when a Honda accord is repaired in 2.2, it is all normal for the automatic transmission of the cold car; and when the temperature rises to normal, the brake is stepped on the road, the engine is jitter and even the car is killed. This car had burnt the automatic transmission friction plate half a year ago. After the failure, it had been repaired to several repair plants and changed some parts, but none of them were completely solved. At the end, the failure is still. Then check the automatic transmission. There is no problem in the automatic transmission itself, but the oil temperature in the automatic transmission is abnormal. Having checked the automatic transmission and found no problems, he began to consider how to eliminate the high oil temperature of the automatic transmission. What is the cause of excessive oil temperature in the gearbox? It is presumed that it may be the heat dissipation system. Because the automatic transmission of the car is driven by the radiator. Then, the radiator was removed, and the heat pipe of the automatic transmission was blown. It was found that there were clogging, and then the high pressure gas was used to blow out a lot of dirt until the heat pipe was completely unblocked. We suspect that the dirt may be the rubbing debris. Finally, on the road trial run, the trouble is eliminated and everything is normal.