Don't panic when the chassis system is damaged. Teach you first aid five ways.
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When it comes to vehicle maintenance, chassis care is most easily ignored by driver friends, but in winter or wet weather, the importance of chassis maintenance is obvious. In winter, chassis maintenance and chassis cleaning and rust treatment are essential. First of all, we should clean the chassis thoroughly. If the dirt on the chassis is too much, it should be washed with the cleanser to make the chassis reveal the original "color", so that the antirust nursing can begin. In a professional beauty salon, the car can be lifted to the lifting frame for chassis cleaning, wiping and rust prevention. In this case, we must pay attention to that after cleaning, we must wait until the moisture on the chassis is dry. During nursing, we must maintain uniform spray coating to form a layer of durable and uniform rust preventive coating. After 5-10 minutes of air drying, the chassis anti rust treatment will be completed. After the professional chassis care, does not mean that there is no loss, there is a misunderstanding, that is, often people in order to love the car will wash the car, which often join some cleaning agent, at this time please do not use alkaline detergent? Washing powder and so on? Wash the body and chassis, otherwise it will affect the antirust effect and shorten the rust prevention time. It is suggested that you go to the professional beauty shop to do the bottom board nursing. The quality of it has a simple method to try out. The chassis of the antirust nursing is almost no beads after the high pressure water spray rinse. This effect only represents the genuine nursing, and can be a good antirust and protection effect. When the vehicle chassis machine parts are damaged, when the chassis parts are damaged in the field or away from the car repair place, the following emergency methods can be used to open the vehicle to the condition of the car repair. Brake split pump leakage brake fluid or split pump line break: can be used in the sub pump pipe joints with iron, copper skin to make a small cushion, the pipe is blocked, and then tighten screw, or break the fracture flat, curl leak, so that the wheel can not be used as brake. But this may result in unilateral braking and safety when driving. Brake master cylinder missing brake fluid: can be replaced by alcohol or liquor, under special circumstances can be replaced by clean water. The brake leather bowl rises: soak the hair bowl in hot water for 10 minutes -20 minutes and remove the oil from the bowl, so that the skin bowl can be restored to its original size. Clutch friction plate erosion and slip: the friction film which is not seriously burnt can be turned over. If the ablation is serious, it can be made of several layers of cotton cloth or canvas, and the wire or iron wire can be used to pass through the holes on the steel sheet to make it fixed. When driving a vehicle, it should start smoothly and shift gears quickly. Cross bar joint damage: on the bumper or other places that do not affect the driving, a screw that is similar to the total length of the ball is unloaded to replace the broken joint. After loading the steering knuckle arm and nut, the screw is riveted with the hammer. Damage to the gear of the three axle automobile differential gear, such as damage to any one of the rear axle differential, can remove the axle and half axle of the bridge and continue to drive. If the front differential is damaged, the hub connection can be removed and then continued.