Land Rover Skywalker 2 drives heavy
  • Automotive

A 2010 mileage with a mileage of about 57 thousand km and an engine of TD42.2L. The vehicle turned heavy in the course of driving. Fault diagnosis: after checking the car's power oil, the oil has been leaked out and the chassis has no abnormalities. It is found that the high pressure oil pipe of the booster pump to the steering gear falls off at the steering gear. After reinstalling and checking other tubing, the steering gear is still useless. Remove the intake pipes and blow with the air guns. No blockage is found. When the steering gear was removed, a valve was damaged at the inlet of the steering gear, which caused the spring to appear and was identified as a steering gear failure. Troubleshooting: after replacement of new valve, road test, everything is normal. Failure summary: should be the oil valve damage, resulting in abnormal pressure, eventually leading to pipeline fall off. The valve should be a one-way valve to prevent high pressure oil from flowing back.