Cause analysis and correction method of crankshaft bending deformation of engine crankshaft
  • Automotive

The crankshaft is the main part of the engine. Its function is to bear the force coming from the connecting rod, and thus to produce the torque of the crankshaft rotating around its own axis. It passes the torque through the flywheel to the tractor's transmission system, so that the tractor can walk. At the same time, the valve train and other auxiliary devices are also driven. The engine crankshaft is subjected to the gas force, the reciprocating inertia force and the rotating inertia force, and the torque produced by them, the crankshaft is in the state of alternating stress. Therefore, bending and torsional deformation are common faults in crankshaft work. If crankshaft is twisted and twisted, it will accelerate the wear of crankshaft connecting rod mechanism and even cause cracks and breakage of crankshaft if it is used continuously. Therefore, it is necessary to inspect the engine during repair. It is found that the crankshaft is flexural and torsional and needs to be repaired in time. Improper assembly of 1.1 crankshaft bearing