Buick Regal sometimes flameout and sometimes shakes fuse box to restart.
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A km Buick 2001 Regal GS car with a mileage of over 200 thousand. Customer reflection: the car sometimes flameout, after the flameout, sometimes sloshing fuse box can be restarted, sometimes can not start, because of this fault, has been repaired to the maintenance station many times. This time I couldn't restart, so I called to ask for help. Fault diagnosis: after preliminary inspection by the rescuers, the battery capacity of the vehicle is sufficient, and the dashboard is only displayed on stalls. The ignition switch is turned on, the starter does not respond, the short starting terminal is started artificially, the startup function is normal, but the engine has no signs of starting. After testing, the oil circuit has no oil pressure and no spark. In addition, the transmission rod can not be removed from the P bit. The rescue workers had to dismantle the shift mechanism and manually adjust it to the N level, then drag the vehicle back to the maintenance station. According to the customer, the sloshing fuse box can start sometimes, so it is suspected that there is a problem in the electrical appliance center. Checking the fuse, it is found that the large fuse of the 30A power supply supplied to the ignition switch has been blown, and now it is wound with copper wire and carbonized. Replacement of a new fuse, but the failure is still the same. According to the fault phenomenon, it is suspected that there is a problem with the No. 15 power cord of the ignition switch. Turn on the ignition switch and test the fuse with the test lamp. It is found that there is no electricity, so it is suspected that there is a problem with the ignition switch. Remove the steering column and check the No. 15 line on the ignition switch and find that there is a voltage, but there is no electricity in the fuse No. 15 in the fuse box, indicating that there is a circuit breaker on the line. After searching, it was found that a relay connected with a burglar alarm was installed in the middle. But what is interesting is that the anti-theft device is not used, and its power cord and tie line are not connected. The control relay of the anti-theft device belongs to the normally closed relay, so for a long time, the 30A large capacity fuse has been burned down, and the smaller ignition fuse below has no problem. After the dismantling of the anti-theft device, the fault is completely eliminated.