2003~2006 Mazda M62011 front M3/M2 remote control key matching
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1) close all doors and lock the doors through the central door lock switch or the driver's side door lock. (2) insert and unplug the ignition lock core 6 times in 10s (key insert ignition switch disconnect / connect 1 cycles count 1 times). Note that when the key is inserted into the ignition switch for the sixth time, leave the key in the lock core. (3) all the doors are locked automatically, the ignition switch is transferred to the ACC position in the 3S after the door is locked, and the door is locked by the central door lock switch or the driver's side lock. The ignition switch style is shown in Figure 1. (4) press the LOCK or UNLOCK button of the remote control (all doors open or close at the same time). The type of remote control is shown in Figure 2. (5) door lock action, set up. (6) open the driver's side door and end the setting of the remote control. (7) if you need to match second keys, close all the doors. (8) lock the door with the knob on the side driving door. (9) according to any key of the second keys, the door lock action. (10) open the driver's side door and set it successfully.

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