(2011) Pentium B70, B70F, B90 and X80 remote key matching method
  • Automotive

(1) pull the car keys out of the ignition switch, open the left front door, close the front door, the left rear door, the right rear door, the trunk cover and the engine room cover, and ensure that the 4 door locks are all unlocked; (2) the key is inserted into the ignition switch, and the ignition switch is switched from ACC bit to 5 time, and finally maintained. In the ON position; (3) repeat the "close to open" left front door 5 times, and finally remain in the closed position, at this time the 4 car door lock and the trunk lock motor lock, unlock each 1 times, indicating that the body control module (BCM) enters the remote key matching mode; (4) press the "lock key" on the remote key in turn. Unlock key * locking key ", at this time 4 door locks and suitcase lock motor lock, unlock each 1 times, all turn lights flicker 1 times, indicating that BCM has successfully matched the remote key; (5) if need to match a number of remote keys, then follow the step (4) to match. Note: this method is only suitable for matching the remote key of the non key entry and starting system; step (2) - step (3) should be completed within 30 s; step (2) one step (5) should be completed within 2 min; if 1 remote keys do not match successfully, the original remote key is valid; if at least 1 is successfully matched The remote-controlled key matches the successful remote key, and the original remote control key is invalid; it can match 8 remote keys at most.