What are the causes of car oil leaking
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Oil is the blood of a car, but unlike people, the blood of a car has no function of self purification. The owners of the car should change the oil regularly. But how long is it for a regular time? Basically, in every vehicle manual, it will be written clearly. In the past, the standard was 5000 kilometers per mile, but in recent years, auto makers have been developing research, hoping to improve the structure of the engine and extend the time for regular maintenance and oil change. So, many new cars in the general driving situation, if the use of synthetic oil, basically can change the oil every 10 thousand kilometers, some can even drag up to 20 thousand kilometers. Automobile maintenance professionals believe that "general driving" means driving frequently on expressways and seldom stopping. But if you often drive in the city, there are traffic lights and traffic lights, and most of the journey is not more than a dozen kilometers. This driving method belongs to "wastage driving". Too much lubricating oil, too high oil level or wrong oil products occupy the most important proportion in the cause of automobile oil leakage. There are also various kinds of fastening nuts on the vehicle, such as unequal force, looseness and shedding. With the excessive use of vehicles, this will happen slowly. Therefore, it is necessary to check regularly to avoid the cause of the leakage. How do you solve the car once it's leaking oil? 1. If the oil pipe breaks, you can find a rubber or plastic pipe sleeve that is suitable for the diameter of the tubing. If the sleeves are not tight enough, the ends should be tightly tied with iron wire to prevent oil leakage. 2. If the tubing is broken, wipe off the rupture, then apply soap, wound with a cloth or rubber cloth, and tie it with wire, then apply a layer of soap. 3, if oil pipe joint leakage, cotton yarn can be wrapped around the horn of the horn, and then the tubing nut and tubing joint tightened, and can also make bubble gum or maltose into a paste, coated in the tubing nut seat, to dry after the sealing effect. 4, if oil tank damage, lead to oil leakage in the tank, the oil leaking place can be cleaned, soap or bubble gum in the oil spill place, play a temporary blockage effect, of course, if conditions, the best use of epoxy adhesive repair, the effect is better. When the oil leakage is large, the core copper tube can be flattened with the sharp mouth clamp, so that it can not leak. When the oil leakage is not serious, it can be temporarily stuck in the oil leaking place with soap, gum, maltose and other things, which can be persisted for quite a period of time. The crankcase is short of oil and can be replaced with vegetable oil, such as peanut oil, soybean oil, vegetable oil, and so on. After being returned to the repair plant, the engine can be thoroughly cleaned and checked and replaced with new oil. 5. When the brake fluid or the split pump pipe is broken, a small cushion can be made with iron and copper skin at the joint of the pump pipe. The pipe is blocked and the screw is tightened, but it may cause the single side brake, and the safety should be paid attention to when driving.