Skoda Hao Rui suddenly flameout
  • Automotive

The mileage of about 21 thousand km, the Volkswagen Skoda Hao Rui 2.0T car equipped with CGMA engine and AG6 automatic transmission in 2010. The car suddenly turned out on its own while the driver had to stop by the roadside and call the shop for help. Inspection and analysis: after rescuers arrive at the scene, they first check the fuel gauge pointer at 112. Using the key to turn on the ignition switch, you can hear the sound of the fuel pump at the back seat (after the ignition switch is turned on, the fuel pump works 2S). Starting the vehicle, the starter is running normally, the engine is showing signs of vehicle, but it can not start. The rescue personnel use the VAS6150B fault diagnosis instrument carried with the car to detect the engine control unit without any fault code; read the engine data flow: 140th sets of third areas are oil pressure of the high pressure part of the fuel system, the data is shown to be 300 kPa, and the oil pressure is obviously low. Open the engine hatch cover, pinch the rubber tube part of the low pressure oil pipe by hand, and soften it; disconnect the fast joint of the low pressure oil pipe on the right side of the engine room, and no gasoline is sprayed out. It can be concluded that there is no oil in the fuel tank and the fuel gauge indicator is incorrect. Related information: in 2010, Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda sharp full car circuit map rescuers called colleagues to bring gasoline over, after the failure of vehicles to fuel, the vehicle started smoothly. The vehicle and the rescue workers returned to the store for repair. The maintenance personnel test found that the fuel storage sensor 2-G169 bearing on the left side of the fuel tank was broken and the sensor G169 was always at the upper limit (indicating that the left side of the fuel tank was full of oil). Troubleshooting: replace the fuel stock sensor 2-G169 assembly on the left side of the fuel tank, and the fuel gauge returns to normal.