Speed fluctuation during the skidding of a Jiangling full Shun gasoline vehicle
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A new generation full Shun gasoline car, the car's engine speed will fluctuate back and forth between 800 and 900r/min for 2 times when the car is skidding, and the engine speed can only be about 3200r/min after hanging into 5 gear, and the speed of the car can only go to 120km/h, and the gas door also feels the power is difficult to go up, but there is no such time in several other gears. Elephant, and when the 4 gear is hung up, the engine speed can reach 4000r/min. The corresponding fault code is read, indicating the failure of the electronic throttle. Replacement immediately, but failure still exists. And then replaced the ignition coil, fuel injector, exhaust pipe (including pre oxygen / post oxygen sensor) and other components, but still can not solve! Finally, the front and rear wheel speed sensors are pulled out, the speed of the instrument is no longer displayed, and the ABS light is no longer fluctuating, but the engine is still unable to speed up in the 5 gear. Once again, the fault of the engine was verified, and there was an abnormal phenomenon. But the engine no longer has the phenomenon of car riding at idling speed, and the engine can go to 6000r/min by idling. The next job is to read the corresponding PCM data stream: