Cadillac CTS can not be accelerated during normal driving.
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Failure phenomenon: a more than 20 thousand km Cadillac CTS car (using a 2.8 L engine). It appeared on the dashboard that suddenly showed the engine power down and accelerated the weakness. Inspection and analysis: after the above fault occurred, the car was towed to our company. Using TECH-2 detection, there are 3 fault codes, which are: P0121 one one segment valve position (TP) sensor 1 performance jP0221 one-to-one valve position (TP) sensor 2 performance jP217. The position of the minimum throttle is not read one by one. Once the fault code is cleared, the engine is started again. The engine fault light is still on, and the fault code is again retrieved, with only the fault code P217. The failure of the minimum throttle position is not read. According to the analysis of the basic situation of the car, the car has been running 20 thousand km, has not cleaned the throttle body, may be the throttle body too dirty, so that the throttle position sensor can not read the idle position. Apart from the intake pipe and throttle, it is found that the throttle body is really dirty. It seems that the fault is caused by it. Troubleshooting: after cleaning the throttle body, remove the trouble code with TECH-2, then perform idle learning again.