Nissan MT limousine start off fire
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Nissan MT car, which runs about 18 thousand km. User response: the car suddenly stopped and couldn't start. Fault diagnosis: 1) after the customer's reflection, the car found out that the car suddenly stalled and could not start the engine under normal conditions. 2) use the fault detection instrument to remove the engine control system fault code, no fault code, after a check, each plug has not been loosened, IPDM 10A fuse fuse No. 64 fuse, so replace the new fuse, restart the engine, the engine is normal. Using the detector test, no fault, but in the start of the gear start, the engine suddenly flameout, IPDM64 10A fuse fuse, once again check, No. 64 fuse is a nozzle fuse, indicating the fuel injector circuit or component short circuit, testing the injector resistance of 12.5 ohm, is normal. Fault diagnosis: 3) circuit test according to the circuit diagram. First, measure the ignition switch to IPOM voltage of 12V, normal. Measurement IPDM to E8 plug measurement results of 1.5 ohm, normal, measure the fuel injector No. 1 foot to the body iron lap is infinite, between the injector to the ECM socket, the resistance is 1 ohm, normal. It is normal to measure the iron lap of the ECM body at infinity. After repeated inspection, the wiring harness near the fastening screw of the solid engine inlet is found to be worn. The worn wire harness is the injector wire harness. After the car was started, the engine moved around the engine, the wire harness and the screw friction caused the wire harness to damage the iron, causing the fuse to be destroyed and the repair of the wire harness. Maintenance summary: from the actual inspection of this case, we can see that the reasonable use of line drawing can reduce the time of repeated inspection and get some hints.