The cold start of the Shanghai general Buick car has a "clicking" sound
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The cause of the fault is the sound of the piston of the engine, the sound of the bearing collision or the sound of the hydraulic tappet, and it may also be produced by the insufficient supply of the oil pump of the 4T60E automatic transmission, the cavitation and the instability of the pressure regulating valve. If it is the noise emitted by the automatic transmission, the crankshaft turns quickly after the fast start, and the engine is more obvious when the engine is fast lifting, and it will not damage the automatic transmission, and it will not cause the lasting effect. Identification method (1) dismantle the vacuum transmission line of the automatic transmission regulator (which produces a larger noise of the automatic transmission oil pump). (2) lift the vehicle with a lifting machine. (3) remove flywheel dust cover and hydraulic torque converter flywheel bolts. (4) make the hydraulic torque converter far away from the flywheel (usually not more than 7 mm), which will help to hang the lug and a loosened oil bottom bolt with one wire so as to remove the torque converter from the flywheel. (5) put down the lifting machine so that the vehicle can be stopped for at least 6 h after the test. 1) if the above noise is still present, the noise is generated by the engine system; 2) if the noise is gone, the noise is generated by the automatic transmission.