Ford MengDiOu engine can't start
  • Automotive

The Ford Mondeo 2.0L car with a mileage of about 160 thousand km. The vehicle is unable to start the shop for repair because of the engine. Troubleshooting: when the engine is started, the engine runs forcefully, but when the ignition switch is switched on, the sound of the main relay is not heard and the sound of the fuel pump can not be heard. After careful examination of the fuse, the fuse F67 in the fuse box on the passenger side was found to fuse. After replacing the fuse F67, the test found that the fuse fuses again, and it is suspected that there is a short circuit in the relevant lines. After looking at the relevant circuit diagram, remove the fuse F67 and replace it with the test lamp. Disconnect all electrical appliances that fuse F67, and the test lights are still lit. Check the wiring harness of the relevant electrical appliance to the fuse F67. It is found that the wire harness is exposed to the cylinder head with copper wire, contact with the engine cylinder body, and the wire harness is removed and the test lamp is no longer lighted, indicating that the short circuit is here. Troubleshooting: after processing related wiring harness, trial run, troubleshooting thoroughly.