Volkswagen 1.4TSI limousine can't run out of trouble
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A mileage 1.4TSI car with a mileage of about 80 thousand km and a 7 file dry dual clutch equipped in 2010. The car can not run accidentally and can return to normal after the fire is restarted. According to the data, double clutch transmission always has a clutch combined with a gear position. Should there be no gear fault? In addition, when the vehicle is in normal condition, as long as the accelerator pedal is accelerated, the engine will shake and light the EPC lamp. In the electronic control system, the fault code of "12398 P306E" can be removed. After cleaning the throttle, the fault code can be cleared after the maintenance of the port circuit. However, as long as the accelerator pedal is urgently stepped on, the fault will be reproduced, so excuse me. The dual clutch structure automatic transmission, although there is always a clutch and a gear engagement, must be pressed or separated by oil pressure. The output oil pressure of the oil pump can be checked by reading the data flow of the transmission control unit, and the malfunction can be eliminated if the mechanical and electrical units are bad or the clutch is bad. As for fast stepping on the accelerator pedal, the engine is jitter, and the EPC light is lit. All the electric spray cars, which are too urgent to step on the pedal, may light the engine emission indicator, that is, the fault lamp or the EPC lamp, so we should try to avoid stepping on the pedal as soon as possible. In order to avoid the early engine damage caused by poor fuel quality, the Shanghai Volkswagen upgraded the engine control unit to increase the early combustion recognition function. When the engine is identified to the early combustion, the engine will be actively intervened by reducing the intake volume. If the 6 combustion cycles occur again, the engine controller will break the cylinder and limit the engine power output. At this time the engine will shake and the EPC lamp will be lighted. In view of the above problems, it is recommended to clean the fuel tank and replace the fuel.