After crossing the road, owners should not forget to do safety checks for cars.
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In the poor environment of SUV, it is best to do more thorough car cleaning work. You can't rely only on one kind of cleanser and protector. Due to the different materials in the vehicle parts, and relatively scattered and scattered, we should pay attention to the choice of using different detergents. Selection of alkaline cleaner, although there is whitening, decontamination effect, but there will be a certain future, the alkaline too strong detergent will soak the linen, leather chair, ceiling, the final appearance of crackling, cracking. The professional method is to select the cleaning fluid with a pH value of not more than 10. After cleaning the car, it is best to spread a protective agent on the instrument panel and leather chair. With the increase of vehicle ownership, many owners choose to go on holiday in holiday, but facing the complex pavement, the chassis often appears after the vehicle, including suspension, deviation and gnawing. How should it be avoided in this case? The first is to do a few simple checks on the chassis to avoid the phenomenon of oil leakage. If there is no liquid leakage, such as deviation, gnawing and steering wheel, it is a problem involving four rounds of positioning, including the positioning of the forward speed and the dynamic balance. Therefore, to prevent this failure, the owner can avoid the uneven road in normal driving, and should be more careful not to knock at the edge of the road to the four wheel positioning system, but also try not to drive in the area of bad road conditions. At present, many owners are restructured to show their own personality, which should be paid attention to in addition to the regular place. Nowadays, there are many kinds of car modification, and the price difference is huge. In particular, the modification of the electronic circuit, which involves the safety of the person and vehicle, must be carefully chosen. In refitting, we should try to follow the rules and regulations. After all, this is the bottom line of safety. In addition, we should choose to refit as much as possible, except that the 4S shop will adopt a matching scheme for the brand model, and also have subsequent problems, which are all unparalleled in ordinary modification.