Carbon footprint prevention and elimination to make cars more healthy
  • Automotive

Automobile carbon prevention and elimination of magic car car accumulating carbon has always been the most troublesome maintenance link for the car friends, but if you pay attention to good driving habits during the daily driving process, it can greatly reduce the formation of carbon in the car. Here are some basic techniques. 1, don't take a long idle speed for long idle time, the engine needs a longer time to reach the normal temperature, the gasoline is sprayed back to the back of the valve, the speed of evaporation is slow, and the carbon product also comes from it. At the same time, often idle speed, the air flow into the engine is also small, so the scour effect of carbon deposition is also very weak, will promote carbon deposition. 2, pay attention to the timing of flameout for cars equipped with turbocharger, do not extinguish the fire immediately after high speed or climb the slope, and then extinguish the fire after 10 minutes' idle speed, and the car with turbocharger is more fast than the ordinary naturally aspirated car. It is suggested that the car family do the free cleaning of the intake system every 20 thousand to 40 thousand kilometers under the condition of regular maintenance, that is, the operation of clearing carbon in the parts of the vehicle, such as the intake port, valve, oil road, etc., is carried out by the special method of special equipment under the condition of the engine without disintegration. 3, the use of clean gasoline in the gasoline is the main component of the formation of carbon deposition, so the high degree of cleanliness of gasoline formation of carbon deposition trend is weaker. But pay attention to high labelling is not equal to high quality, labelling only represents the octane number of oil, and can not represent the quality and cleanliness. In order to ensure the cleanliness of gasoline, some owners use gasoline cleaners in gasoline. This can effectively prevent the formation of carbon deposits on the metal surface, and can gradually activate the original carbon particles and slowly remove them, thus protecting the engine from damage. However, the addition of gasoline cleaners must be cautious. If you add fake products, you will get the opposite effect.