The unique way to solve the abnormal idle speed after cleaning the door
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A unique solution to the irregular cleaning of the door after cleaning. By changing the load signal to control the computer further adjust the idle valve lift method, after a long time application, the effect is remarkable. And announced to share. (notice: this method can not be solved in the order of the manual or to replace the computer or the idle speed valve, so the method is well applied according to the conflict of the theory, so it is very effective for the throttle rubber at the edge of the cleaning and the leakage at the throttle door. 1) the idling valve intake is in the throttle body and is Air flow meter type, method: control the intake volume, specific operation method: in the air flow meter after the hose and the throttle is added a layer of disposable plastic bags, a small hole in the middle to change the intake volume, control the size of the hole can control the speed, when the control in the 800 turn around the idle speed valve line for more than 30 seconds, closed point. Switch, remove the disposable plastic bag, connect to idle speed valve joint and air hose joint, can! 2) idle speed individual intake pipe intake type, method is same, only disposable plastic bag should be installed in the idle speed valve intake pipe other steps the same as 1; 3) intake pressure alone true air pipe type, method: starting the car, slowly pulling out The intake pressure sensor vacuum tube is not completely disconnected, only allowing him to get more intake, but the vacuum tube of the sensor should be kept vacuum, pull off the idling valve line joint at about 800 turn, close the ignition switch for more than 30 seconds, load all the related parts, and the car is normal.