Odyssey engine fault lights are shining and occasionally accompanied by shift impact.
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The 2008 Honda Odyssey with a mileage of about 91 thousand km. The owner reflected that the engine failure light suddenly lit up during the operation of the car yesterday, and occasionally accompanied with the phenomenon of gear shifting impact. Fault diagnosis: read the fault code of the engine control system with the Honda special diagnostic instrument HDS, the fault code is P0122, meaning the TP sensor (A) is too low. The possible causes of failure are as follows: (1) the signal line is broken; 2. The signal line is short circuited; 3. The power line is broken; and the sensor is out of order. After clearing the trouble code with HDS, the lights went on again in a few minutes. Read the fault code again, or the TP sensor (A) voltage is too low. It seems that the fault does exist, not an accidental fault. The data flow of the engine control system is checked, and the data flow is not changed when the flameout accelerates the pedal. It seems that the possibility of the throttle position sensor is more likely to be damaged. The throttle position sensor is actually a potentiometer, which is connected with the throttle shaft. With the change of the throttle position, the voltage signal of the throttle position sensor sent to the PCM also changes. The connection sensor has three lines of red / black, yellow / blue and green / yellow, of which the Yellow / blue line provides the power voltage of the 5V sensor. Green / Huang Datie, red / black output 0.5 to 4. 8V signal voltage. The throttle and throttle position sensors of the Guangzhou Honda car system have been adjusted when they are out of the factory. The sensor fixed screw is also an non detachable head screw. It is not allowed to adjust and has no separate components. (a part of the later model is equipped with a throttle position sensor screw that can be dismantled and adjusted, but the adjustment is adjusted. " It is necessary to read the data stream of the engine control system with HDS and adjust it to the specified range. When the throttle position sensor is abnormal, there will be some problems such as too much idle speed, large gear shift impact, and no change of the gear lever from the P position. Because PCM judges that the throttle is too large and the engine speed is too high, it is not allowed to hook up in order to reduce the damage to the transmission. Unplug the throttle position sensor and find that the pin connected to the Yellow / blue line in the throttle position sensor is corroded and broken. Because throttle position sensor can not be replaced individually, try to repair throttle position sensor. There are two schemes: 1. Weld the broken pin; 2. Draw the lead off the foot of the throttle position sensor. Second plans have been decided. Find a fine line, after welding out of the broken foot, pick out the foot of the plug on the sensor, draw the welding line from it (at this time the lead should move freely in the hole), plug the plug, and then connect the lead with the Yellow / blue line, the lead should not be too short, because too short will be pulled off when the plug is pulled. Valve position sensor and plug pin spray a small amount of rust remover, not only to remove rust, but also can play the role of antioxidant), after the bandage, the fault code is removed, and then check the data flow of the engine control system, restore the normal value. Troubleshooting: to repair the harness, in order to prevent the failure of no longer gear, it is necessary to use HDS to reset the PCM module. After setting up the test is normal, at this point, the end of the maintenance. Fault summary: the maintenance process of this case is not complicated, but our current maintenance enterprises attach great importance to the satisfaction of the owners. In order to reduce the rework rate, the maintenance personnel do not want to take the risk to repair the parts that can be repaired. So, most of them use the replacement of the new parts, in fact, we should communicate with the owners fully, We can really think about the car owners and believe that the owners can feel them in order to get the trust and understanding of the owners. For example, in this case, the maintenance of the throttle position sensor, the appropriate charge of a number of time fees, a large amount of spare parts cost to the owner, will also be readily accepted, and can also enhance the sense of achievement of the maintenance personnel, for the owners, maintenance enterprises, maintenance personnel is a good thing. Therefore, I believe that the real "repair" in the automobile maintenance industry should be advocated.