When the the Great Wall is shining, the transmission failure light suddenly lights up.
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A the Great Wall CC7132SM06 1.3L car with a model of AMT in 2010. User response: the transmission failure lamp suddenly lights up when the vehicle is running, and the fault code shown by the meter is 23, while the vehicle speed is slow. Fault diagnosis: the test car found that when the engine speed reached 3 000r/min, the speed was only 20 km/h ~ 30 km/h, and the transmission fault light was lighted, and the breakdown code of the instrument was 23. Check out the the Great Wall AMT system fault code table, we can see that the meaning of the fault code 23 is the clutch skid or 2 speed signals at the same time malfunction. The possible causes of failure are: speed signal failure; clutch hook adjustment is not in place; clutch oil, wear or ablation. The fault detector is used to enter the ABS system without fault code storage. Thus, it is possible to infer that the 2 speed signals are not likely to fail at the same time. It is decided to check the clutch system first. Inspection found that after the clutch adjusting bolt was loosened several times, the fork and the adjusting bolt still had no clearance, and the clutch clutches were not adjusted properly. Troubleshooting: according to the correct adjustment method, adjust the clutch hook rear road test, failure phenomenon disappear, troubleshooting.