Why is it difficult to start the engine?
  • Automotive

Members often find it frustrating to find that the engine of a car suddenly does not work or stop for a while, and the engine of the vehicle is hard to start. What is the cause of the engine? Below for everyone to puzzle out Oh. In fact, there are two types of engine starting difficulties, one is the engine startup gradually deteriorated, the start time is more and more longer; the other is the engine startup has always been very good, a certain day suddenly deteriorated. Engine startup deterioration is mostly due to poor performance. In this kind of car, when the ignition switch is turned to start the engine, the engine speed is very high, then the starting machine appears insufficient, so that the engine speed is very low, it takes a long time to start the engine. At this point, the old batteries must be removed as soon as possible, and new batteries should be replaced. After replacement of batteries, most of them can immediately improve engine startup. If the startup performance of the engine has been poor for a long time, it is very likely that the ignition system or fuel supply system is defective. For example, ignition system, high voltage wire, ignition coil and other faults, such as fuel supply system carburetor adjustment is not good. To solve this kind of problem, it is necessary to have some skills. It is better to ask professional repair personnel to help check before the problem worsens. If you do not have this technology, you'd better not make any adjustments.