Chevrolet 2.4L Kopacz traction control / stability control indicator light
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Fault diagnosis and elimination: using TECH2+CANDl to check the electronic brake control module (EBCM), 1 fault code C01 31, the anti lock braking system / traction control system pressure circuit fault, is set up. The brake pressure sensor is integrated with the brake pressure regulating valve assembly, and the EBCM monitors the power supply voltage and signal voltage of the brake pressure sensor. When the brake pressure sensor signals are not within the specified range, the EBCM will set the fault diagnosis code. After the fault diagnosis code C01 31 is set, the operation of the electronic brake control module stops the traction control system and the stability control system. Because this car is a new car, the driving mileage is not much, according to the above failure phenomenon and DTC analysis fault may be: (1) EBCM internal damage; (2) EBCM line and connector contact bad contact; 3. Brake pressure regulating valve internal brake pressure sensor damage. After using the conductive adhesive to process the EBcM plug and eliminating the trouble code, the failure of the long time trial run no longer appears, indicating that there are second reasons for the failure.