The Great Wall dazzling transmission fault lights
  • Automotive

In 2010, the the Great Wall 1.3L car (model CC7132SM06, equipped with AMT), transmission failure lights are always bright. Fault diagnosis: test car found, connect the ignition switch, the transmission fault light is often bright, the instrument display fault code is 92, when the speed of more than 15km/h, the instrument display fault code changed to 21. View the Great Wall dazzling car AMT system fault code table, we know that the meaning of fault code 92 is TCU receiving ABS control unit CAN signal anomaly, fault code 21 is the meaning of TCU to detect the ABS speed signal fault. The possible causes of failure are: wheel speed sensor and its line fault; CAN line fault between TCU and ABS control unit; ABS control unit or TCU damage. The ABS speed signal received by TCU is the right front wheel speed sensor data. First, check whether the right front wheel speed sensor wire and wire connector are connected or loosened. After inspection, there are no anomalies. The connection fault detection instrument monitors the speed sensor data flow in the running state, and the data of the 4 wheel speed sensors are normal; use the multimeter respectively The conductivity of the CAN-H line between the ABS control unit terminal 14 and the TCU terminal 18, the CAN-L line 26 and the ABS control unit terminal 26 and the TCU terminal 36 is normal. At this point of diagnosis, it is suspected that the TCU or ABS control unit is damaged. After replacing the TCU and completing the AMT system self-learning and the initial location of the clutch start, the test run is still in trouble. Troubleshooting: after the replacement of ABS control unit, trial run, transmission failure lights go out, and the failure code disappear, troubleshooting.