BMW 520L quickly stepped on the accelerator pedal to flameout
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A 2012 BMW 520L elegant electric jet car, gasoline engine, slowly stepping on the accelerator pedal is still good. Stepping on the accelerator pedal will stall. How do I repair it? When the vehicle accelerates rapidly, the opening of the throttle will suddenly increase and more fresh air enters the cylinder. At this time, the fast changing signal of the pedal position sensor, the intake volume or the signal of the intake pressure are fed back to the computer ECU, and the computer controls the injector to increase the injection pulse width to increase the oil injection. In summary, once the accelerated acceleration signal of the accelerator pedal position sensor cannot be transmitted to the computer, once the large intake signal can not be transmitted to the computer, once the oil supply pressure is low or the injector is blocked, it will cause the rapid acceleration to be flameout because of the mixed steam dilute. In addition, if the cold car is urgent to stop the fuel and the engine is normal, the cylinder compression pressure and cylinder carbon deposit should be checked.